Eve of Witch Hunter

(This blog was written before releasing Witch Hunter, but is being posted the day after Witch Hunter’s release.)

I sit now on the eve of the release of my first book, Witch Hunter: Into the Outside, and I know that I’m a gambler. My wife and I, in full agreement, uprooted ourselves from South Korea, leaving behind her family and a successful business to travel across the ocean with a newborn baby, a decent savings, and a few books ready to be printed. If not for the great support system (my parents and family members) we would not have been able to accomplish this.

But why, J.Z.? Why roll the dice with a baby and a successful business?! Why try writing when your English academy in Korea was going so well?

Because there’s magic in words. And I mean that. My fingers (and everyone else’s) carry a power to shape worlds and write truth. Each word becomes law, and is so powerful that it can instantly nullify any that came before it.

Read this.

As Tom Harper stared at his reflection in the mirror and adjusted his tie, he knew he wasn’t a bad man. There wasn’t a spec of dust on Tom’s red velvet tie, and likewise, no stain upon his consciousness. He’d never told a lie in his life, or ever hurt a soul. 

No, he’d never hurt anyone. 

Of course, there was Joel Gonzales laid out across Tom Harper’s spotless floor, the old orange extension cord still tightly wrapped around his neck. Joel’s purple face and red bulging eyes were trying to accuse Tom of being a bad man, but he wouldn’t listen.

Nope, Tom was a good man that never hurt a soul, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in town that felt the old drunkard, Joel, had a soul.

He beamed a tight smile toward the mirror and checked his teeth for bits of lettuce from his sandwich that might have escaped the toothbrush.

I love what words can do. I love that Tom there was a good man because I told you he was. And I love that you have to question his sanity by the fact that I keep telling you he’s a good man.

So that is why my wife and I gambled, because I love words and I think with the proper formations of them, I can shape them into a worthwhile story.

( Witch Hunter on sale now, order here: https://goo.gl/yyw7xD )