Witch Hunter


The world is lying to you. Is that news? It must be very upsetting.
Richard Fitcher found it upsetting.
He’s a witch hunter who doesn’t believe in witches, and tonight he’s
taking a reporter and her cameraman on a witch hunt. He’s all ready to jazz it
up with spooky noises and a gimmicky magic ritual that locates witches.
People like that kind of crap, right? But there’s a problem.
It worked this time.
So now Richard is forced to call up old knowledge and power he didn’t
believe to be real, challenging things that crawled out of the pit, if he has any
hope of surviving the night. But this loser might actually find some
value—the pit does have a tendency to shave off your uneven edges—if it
doesn’t kill you.
Either way, it’s a lovely night for a witching.

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 Praise for WITCH HUNTER!

“Be prepared for some laughs, some action and some twists along the way… Witch Hunter: Into the Outside left me wanting more. I adored the characters, the fast-paced action and the unraveling of the story.”

“J.Z. Foster begins Witch Hunter with the classic Kafkaesque gambit of a man arrested for a crime he knows he could not have committed: the brutal ax-murder of a young woman, a television news reporter he has been working with on an investigation of unexplained phenomena. And that’s just for starters. Witch Hunter is a classic supernatural horror thriller with a relentless narrative drive that gives us a terrifying ghost, monsters out of Robert E. Howard and Japanese folklore, Lovecraftian transformations, and one of the most truly frightening warlocks in all of Gothic literature, in addition to sly dark humor and an appeal to courage and empathy distressingly rare in this kind of fiction. Fans of the genre, rejoice! This is what you’ve been waiting for.”
— Leigh Clark, author of The Feeding, Blood Sabbath, Evil Reincarnate, and Shock Radio.