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You know, the best thing about nightmares is that they’re not real. It’s all just in your head, and as soon as you wake up, pop! It’s all gone. You’re safe.

It’s not like they could crawl out, creeping from your mind with long, slender fingers and milky yellow eyes sunken into heads with pointed horns bursting out.

That’d just be insane.

Daniel Tanner’s life is insane. A mysterious disease came to claim his son, seemingly pulling him into the grave with cold fingers named misery and hopelessness.

Now, with his son in the grave, everything is in shambles—his marriage, his career, everything. What is left for a man with nothing to live for? Can you start over?

Would you even want to?

But a stranger came calling with an even stranger tale of monsters—horrible things that take children in the middle of the night and leave their own, things that crawled out of the fairy tales our barbarous ancestors used to tell, things that they tried to warn us about.

We didn’t listen.

Because monsters aren’t real, are they? There’s no reason to fear the dark, no reason at all to believe the old tales about the creatures with a taste for human meat.

That would be insane… wouldn’t it?

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“…a masterfully written story of vividly relatable characters in horrific circumstance.” – Bibliophilia Templum

“…really loved this book, and I am so excited to read more from JZ Foster.” – BOOK.HAPPY

“…exactly why I support indie authors. JZ Foster is a bad ass author.” – Sadie Reads Them All

“This is a solid horror story with great characters and a fresh take on demon tropes.” – Gows33

One hell of a twisted roller coaster…” mj_the_bibliophile

” This is the real deal: scary, grim, violent.” – dlgillis20

…unique story with nods to Barker and King. It continually engages you as a reader.” – findingmontauk1

Reader Reviews:

“Been a fan of KingKetchumMcCammon etc for decades. Foster is quickly joining my list of favorite horror authors.” 

“…hits you with a gut-punch leaving you breathless.”

“I feel much the same way as when I struggle with Cujo or Pet Sematary; this book is so incredibly well written it pulls you in and you feel the horror as you read.”

“…reminiscent of such titans of the horror genre as KingLovecraft or Barker.”

“…journey into the supernatural world drives you to explore your own fears and horrors.”

“A new take on mythological creatures…”

“…his book depicts the fae like you’ve never read before…”

“…deftly incorporate a plot with antagonist creatures from folklore and fairy tales…”