A Brief Telling

J.Z. Foster is an Urban Fantasy and Horror writer with multiple series on Amazon.

Born and raised in Ohio, he moved to South Korea after college and lived there for 8 years, running a small English school, marrying a Korean woman and having a baby.

In his time in South Korea, he’s become well versed in Korean politics and has done multiple radio interviews on South Korean and North politics.

Since returning to the U.S., he’s launched his writing career and three series’.

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Photo on 12-9-17 at 9.32 PM.jpg
J.Z. Foster with the knife from WITCH HUNTER

21103854_10155612446578523_1920430546_o.jpgFacts about J.Z.

  • Writes Urban Fantasy and Horror novels.
  • Speaks and understand some Korean. (안녕하세요!)
  • Is pretty good with a butterfly knife.
  • Is a church going Christian.
  • Still occasionally reads Ninja Turtles comic books.
  • Writes in a place called the Dungeon.
  • Won the 2018 Raven Award for Best Horror / Psychological novel!